Summer Snapshot

Labor Day is closing in, and I’m trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of summer. With four kids ages ranging in age from 12 to 2 years old, and a spazzed out lab/border collie pup, there’s never a dull moment. But I’m not talking about the mundane walks around the block and trips to the neighborhood pool. I really wanted to give the kiddos some long-lasting summer memories that rival the neighbor kid’s trip to Paris that didn’t break the bank.

Was I successful? I don’t know…. it’s hard to predict what will go down in the summer highlight reel of a child’s memory bank. So I asked my kids what their favorite moment was and here’s what I got. Hint: it wasn’t always the big, expensive things that earned a special place in their hearts and minds.

1. The Beach

The weather wasn’t perfect, the waves were too rough to swim in the last few days, and there were a lot of jellyfish, but we experienced that old-fashioned family time that is just good for the soul. Being near the ocean always brings such a sense of peace and relaxation. I’m glad the kids agreed that this was their favorite summer memory.

2. The Aquarium

Sea turtles, sharks and alligators, oh my! This little guy wasn’t scared to get up close and personal with the aquatic wildlife. We even got to pet a sting ray and see injured sea turtles being rehabilitated at the North Carolina Aquarium in Mateo in the Outer Banks.

3. Afternoon Hikes

Mother Nature always delivers. Between the wildlife, the trees and magnificent views, the great outdoors are a perfect place to enjoy the summer season. Yes, we did get a little muddy (and learned be one with nature when nature called), but a tick-check and bath later we could say we weren’t couch potatoes and had the pretty picture to prove it.

4. The Fair

The smell of hot dogs and cotton candy, the screams of terrified children on the Tilt-A-Whirl and the thrill of using a Port-a-Potty in the dark. Ah, the county fair. It was ridiculously overpriced and probably not very safe, but we enjoyed it just the same.

5. The Sprinkler

Hot day. Back yard. Sprinkler. Need I say more?

I hope you had a great summer!!

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