Winter Memories

I’m a full-time Mom of four with big dreams… Dreams of getting my first novel published, aspirations to blog twice a week, and hopes of also getting through all the meals, dishes, laundry, errands, after-school activities and messes, plus yoga, HIIT workouts, homework time, and bedtime stories without breaking a sweat. Did I mention that I also have a spazzed out lab mix pup who needs my constant love and attention?

Luna follows me around the house and always gives unsolicited kisses and cuddles

Most days are a struggle, and some days I hit it out of the park. I have to remind myself not to judge my progress based on one measly day, or even a week, but over the long term. This time last year, I was still finishing my work-in-progress SONG OF A FIREBIRD. Now, I am ready to query. That’s progress, although it did take me a while. I could be much more productive with child care help, but I digress.

Now that February is wrapping up, I like to take a look back at the winter madness and remind myself of how much I did do, even though it often feels like I am stuck in slow motion. There were trips and parties, and of course, the crazy Christmas holiday, plus time with the kids at home and out in nature. Here are some favorites:

Squelched through the mud with the family on an unseasonably warm January day and joyfully cleaned everyone’s shoes
Threw caution to the wind and went sledding by the light of the moon (no trips to the ER that night… yay!)
Foolishly took the kids to NYC for two cold, rainy days to visit Macy’s Santaland, see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and more expensive stuff they have already forgotten
Threw a kick-ass birthday party for our littlest guy at the fire station… he only cried once
Spent a small fortune at the craft store to bedazzle a leotard for my daughters dance competition
Watched my girls pretend to get along as they posed for this picture each at their Nutcracker performance
Forcibly got in the holiday spirit at two very long chorus and band concerts with a wiggly toddler in my lap
Tried to laugh, not cry, when my toddler pointed out this woman gritting her teeth and pulling out her hair in a Where’s Waldo book and said, “Mama”

It’s been a busy, but fun, winter. There are many more moments that didn’t make it into the blog and I’m thankful for all of them. Here’s to a happy and productive spring!

Love, laughter and light,


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