Hi, I’m Marie McKoy, a writer on a healing journey. Welcome to my website where I share details from my latest projects and blog about writing, motherhood, mental health and more.

Storytelling is my passion. I create character-driven stories that revolve around big topics, like anxiety, depression, dysfunctional families, bullying, self-love and loss. It’s important to me to have diverse representation in my writing, but above all, I love authentically flawed characters. I gravitate toward retellings of classic stories and tales rooted in mythology with a subtle supernatural vibe, historical connections and spiritual themes.

My fascination with birds, and the ability of their fragile bodies to soar above the material world, is the inspiration for my latest work. Song of a Firebird is a shy sophomore’s quest to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, rise up against her bullies, and transform heartache into wisdom for the ultimate victory: self love.

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