Works In Progress

A shy sophomore’s quest to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, rise up against her bullies, and transform heartache into wisdom for the ultimate victory… love. read more

A lower-YA novel about the joy of finding your best friend, the heartbreak of saying goodbye, and all the wild adventures in between. It’s for girls navigating one of life’s toughest transitions, blossoming from a child into a woman, and drawing strength from the enduring bonds of friendship. read more

Breaking a curse isn’t easy, especially when your great-great grandmother was a Victorian witch who spelled her own family. Join 16-year old Lily Killough on a magical adventure through time to heal ancestral wounds and break the ties that bind in this intergenerational YA mystery. read more

The first in a planned series of YA detective novels with a sci-fi twist featuring Darby Todd, a tenacious, teen podcaster bent on exposing injustice and corruption in her small New Mexico town, who stumbles onto a mystery that is out of this world. read more