Song of a Sophomore

A shy sophomore’s quest to overcome anxiety and self-doubt, rise up against her bullies, and transform heartache into wisdom for the ultimate victory… love

To 15-year old Rose, it’s not just 1995. It’s the sound of Oasis, Selena, and Biggie on the radio. It’s the excitement of a new CD from Sam Goody and butterfly clips from Claire’s. It’s the scent of Zach Ashburn, like sandalwood and vanilla, and the desperate desire to become part of his world. But when you’re a freckled, fluffy nobody and fall for your bully’s boyfriend, you’re bound to get burned.

After a humiliating prank goes wrong, and Rose ends up in Zach’s arms, her school girl crush morphs into obsession. Zach is the only thing getting Rose through a disastrous sophomore year… until she meets Zach’s best friend. Leo is everything Rose loathes, but he inspires her to reinvent herself. Who knew being someone you’re not could feel so right?

How far will Rose go to win Zach and outshine her enemies? Will she risk friendship, her self respect and even a shot at true love in the quest to prove her worth? Sometimes you have to face the music, and die a little inside, to rise as a better version of yourself.

The Playlist

Check out the soundtrack to Rose’s sophomore year. Each awesome 90s song corresponds to a chapter in the novel.

Complete at 88,000 words, SONG OF A SOPHOMORE is upper YA historical fiction with a romantic sub-plot about a bullied 90s teen who taps into her feminine power to transform her identity. Paying homage to classic teen films like Sixteen Candles, Mean Girls and Clueless, SONG OF A SOPHOMORE is a celebration of 1990s pop culture and tropes with a diverse cast, cinematic plot and feminist sensibility. The body-positive novel explores timeless themes of girl bullying, mental health challenges and first love.