Breaking a curse isn’t easy, especially when your great-great grandmother was a Victorian witch who spelled her own family. Join 16-year old Lily Killough on a magical adventure through time to heal ancestral wounds and break the ties that bind in this intergenerational YA mystery.

All her life 16-year old Lily Killough has dreamed of attending the annual Victorian Ball in her hometown of Waxahachie, Texas. When she lands her first job with the company catering the party, Lilly gets a glimpse of the opulent event, albeit behind the scenes. As she pokes around the Queen Anne-era victorian mansion Twin Oaks House, Lily discovers a thrilling secret. The original owner of property is her great-great grandmother… a once powerful matriarch disgraced over accusations of infidelity and witchcraft.

With the help of her departed ancestors, Lily is transported through time to attempt to right the wrongs of the past. But after revealing the disturbing origins of a generational curse imprisoning on her family and their magic, will Lily will have the power to break the chains and rewrite history?

Only time will tell…. and, unfortunately, the clock is ticking. Lily must solve the mystery and return to present day before the Victorian Ball is over at the strike of midnight.

WAXAHACHIE is a witchy YA mystery in development about the power of self-realization in breaking generational curses. Ancestral healing and personal empowerment are topics explored in this fast-paced and fun novel for teens about mothers, daughters and the ties that bind.