When We Were Wildflowers

Inspired by the Dolly Parton song “Wildflowers,” best friends Violet and Poppy embrace
their wild sides to navigate a tumultuous year in 8th grade

When 13-year old good girl Violet Wilson moves to a posh new housing development in a small Texas town, she finds an unlikely friend in wild child Poppy Alvarez. They’re instant besties, but there’s just one problem: Violet’s mom forbids the friendship. Poppy’s troubled family life and reckless behavior stands in the way.

After a dramatic turn of events reveals cracks in Violet’s family’s carefully-curated facade, the girls realize friendship isn’t they only thing they have in common. As Violet’s world threatens to crumble, and her family makes plans to move away, the two best friends vow to squeeze their teenage years into a few short weeks before Violet must say goodbye. It’s all fun and games recreating things like first dates, driving and prom until Poppy falls for Violet’s older brother Teddy. It’s a betrayal Violet won’t soon forget.

Blood is thicker than water, but what about friendship? Can these wildflowers weather the storm?

WHEN WE WERE WILDFLOWERS is a lower-YA novel in progress about the joy of finding your best friend, the heartbreak of saying goodbye, and all the wild adventures in between. It’s for girls navigating one of life’s toughest transitions, blossoming from a child into a woman, and the bonds of friendship. Finding one’s identity, challenging the status quo, and exploring independence are all themes of the novel, which also portrays a difficult mother-daughter relationship.