Quarantine Life

There’s a line from my novel Song of a Firebird where the main character, a 15-year old bully magnet says ,”Whoever came up with that ‘sticks and stones’ crap must have been quarantined during adolescence. Words hurt.” My point was, no one makes it through young adulthood unscathed… unless you really are cut off from your community. Preposterous, right? Little did I know, we’d end up in a quarantine less than a year after I wrote it.

My kids might confess one perk of being home from school is not having to deal with wise-cracking kids and snarky classmates. You know, the kid how points out your “Five Nights at Freddie’s” t-shit is so 2018, or embarrasses you when you don’t catch the ball in P.E. class? It’s nice to get a break from the people who hold you accountable too, like the teachers, coaches, dance instructors and even nosy family members. When you get to stay in your PJs all day and have way too much screen time it’s easy to get a little complacent. I even find myself losing some motivation to keep up with my appearance and my chores.

We’re all moving a little slower these days and I kind of like it. Some might say I’m lazy, but I say I’m just resting. Taking some time of from the hustle and bustle we’re so accustomed to, to appreciate lives simpler pleasures. The stillness of a spring afternoon, my children’s laughter, the calm and chaos of the home my husband and I have build together. It’s been kind of refreshing to be stuck inside with each other. Most of the time.

We’re fortunate to be able to be work from home and distance ourselves. We know others are not as fortunate. Thank you to the frontline workers–the grocery clerks, the nurses, the first responders, the doctors and the custodians who risk their well-being for others. Best wishes for those who have to make a living outside the home during this scary time. For others, who have lost employment, we hope things return to normal when it’s safe to do so.

It’s a crazy time, but we’re trying to make the best of it. I am not in a rush to return to the busy weeknights and weekends full of activities just yet. I don’t love online learning, but we’re making it work one tantrum at a time. Here’s a little look at what the family and I have been up to. Stay safe!

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