Why Do You Write?

A fellow writer recently said to me, “I love your motivation,” and it took me by surprise. I don’t consider myself particularly motivated because I’m not a full-time writer, I don’t belt out a few books a year, and never update my blog consistently… but you know what? When I committed myself to penning my first YA novel, I certainly was motivated to write! It was a story near and dear to my heart about an outcast 90s teen overcoming bullying and self-loathing for the ultimate victory, self love–and maybe a little romance.

The idea of tapping into the wounds of the bullying I endured as a teen, sifting through the lessons for nuggets of wisdom, and weaving those experiences into a fictional, romantic coming-of-age story was all the fuel I needed. I found motivation in the characters and world I created, in 90s music and pop culture, and the hope of sharing my story with someone who needed to hear it. Of course, I’d love to see my novel SONG OF A SOPHOMORE published one day, but that’s not what motivates me. I write because there is a longing deep inside of me to give a voice to the voiceless, shed light on suffering, root for the underdog, and tap into that cosmic consciousness we are all a part of to create stories with a heart and soul.

Storytelling is my passion. As a rookie television news reporter back in the day, I learned everyday people are the heart of any story worth caring about. As a copywriter for corporations and non-profit organizations, I knew writing about products, events and places is meaningless unless you focus on the individuals most affected by them. Great stories revolve around people, the faulty and flawed people in the thick of life’s lessons, aspiring for something greater than their current reality. I love to tell those stories.

As a new writer, I aspire to create more character-driven stories that revolve around big topics, like anxiety, depression, dysfunctional families, bullying, self-love and loss. It’s important to me to have diverse representation in my writing, but above all, I love authentically flawed characters. I gravitate toward retellings of classic stories and tales rooted in mythology with a subtle supernatural vibe, historical connections and spiritual themes. Writing about real people and real problems with a fresh, authentic perspective excites me.

I write to express myself, like so many others, with the hope of weaving my unique perspective on the world into my creations. As an introvert, writing allows me to share my authentic self and speak my truth without ever opening my mouth. Writing is the process of laying yourself bare on the page and sharing your heart with the world while hiding behind a computer screen, and I love it. As difficult as it was for me to be vulnerable and share my creation with others, I took great joy and pride the feedback of critique partners, beta readers and the writing community.

If my story makes one reader laugh, cry, care or question their outlook on life, then I have made a difference. Writing is my favorite way to leave a mark on the world that says, “I was here. I lived. I loved. I cared.”

Why do you write? Please share a comment below.

Happy writing!


1 thought on “Why Do You Write?”

  1. It’s interesting seeing how simple things like writing can change entire generations, like Harry Potter did. I think that’s why I write. Because some part of me likes to perform, and because it’s a medium with so much power—provided I can ever get there. Thanks for sharing your reasons!

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